At Labela Associates it is our motto to capture business transactions and record them systematically. We not only convert all business activities to monetary values but also capture them properly in an accounting format to ensure that no important transaction is missed outside the purview of evaluation. This is very important to build a proper understanding of business results. Our accounting system provides timely, accurate and adequate information for decision making.

Meeting legal requirements is not the only purpose of accounting. The most important function of accounting is to raise money and then to manage the business as business grows. Professional Accounting System is the first step towards establishing business credibility. Labela Associates is well versed with systematic accounting which is the core of sound business management since it forms the basis for measuring business performance.

For the survival and steady growth of any business, it needs to generate enough profits on a long-term basis. Understanding of costs and analysis of profits are the two important processes that we undertake that helps us in suggesting product price considering competition. A proper cost analysis can go a long way in increasing profitability of any organization. We carefully scrutinize your financial results looking for trends, clues to operate more efficiently, and information that will assist you in future decision-making.

Labela associates will carefully assess your existing systems to make certain they are operating efficiently and provide accurate results on a timely basis. If your systems are inadequate, or are non-existent, we can develop them for you. This might include your financial accounting system, cost accounting system, purchasing/accounts payable process, operations process flow, or system for measuring operations performance.

Labela associates will assess your operation looking for process inefficiencies that may be costing your company money. We will look for excesses in people or materials or other misallocations of resources. We can set up systems to help you measure productivity on an on-going basis. Also provide solutions for growth with tax planning.

Labela Associates prefer to work with the close association of your staff to identify and quantify important factors that may affect your growth and success. We will use that information to prepare financial projections and accompanying plan narrative that helps you visualize your company’s future.

The process of accounting records the financial history of your business. But it only tells you about what has happened with the venture’s money in the past. However, by analyzing financial reports can provide more accurate and effective accounting system, which will widen the future goals with clearer focus. You can see where the bulk of your income comes from (specific services/product lines) which help in modifying your marketing strategy appropriately. This will enable you to see where the money goes and you can make decisions about managing expenses. Money raised for a particular purpose must be spent for that purpose only.

Our cash flow projections will assist you in understanding your current cash situation and planning your future cash requirements. Such planning will reduce your stress level, and keep your vendors, bankers and employees happy.

Organizational structure evolves as businesses grow and change. The organizational structure of a start-up is different from that of the growing one. Labela Associates can guide your business objectively, help you visualize your optimum structure, and create a plan to implement the changes that you decide you want to make.

Operating a growing business without a growth plan can be risky. The likelihood of success is much higher if there is a plan for when the business needs to add cash, people, training, knowledge, capacity, distribution channels, and more. We can help you create your plan and follow it.

Maintain liaison with the Bankers and Financial institutions. !